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Advanced Coaching Path


Professional Coach Essentials (PCE) is a four-days course designed to support you in learning, understanding, and practicing Coaching Principles and Skills. 


Coach Development
Coach Development 2-days

Development of a coach’s presence (ICF Core Competency #4) can be enhanced developed through practices of self-awareness, observation, and mindfulness. Mindfulness cultivates conscious attention and awareness of the moment in a non-judgmental way. In this course participants will learn to let go, relax, and normalize functions of the body, as well as “be” with their coachees.


General Coaching
Behavioral Coaching 3-Day

Everyone involved in personal and professional development needs to understand and appreciate basic behavioral processes and how these relate to individual functioning and organizational performance.


Personal Coaching 2-Day

Personal coaching is a process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.


Coaching in Business
Leadership/Executive Coaching 2-Day

In this course participants will learn what is different about leadership/executive coaching, the special knowledge and skills required to be effective, and the types of leadership/executive coaching. You will also assess your competencies and create your value proposition as a leadership/executive coach.  


Group/Team Coaching 2.5-day

According to the ICF “many organizations are becoming savvy buyers of coaching services and focus on where they can derive the biggest bang for their buck. Group or team based coaching is driven out of this need to develop cost effective ways of coaching people. The underlying theme is about helping people cope with and become adaptable to fast moving change so that the business can grow, become more efficient and agile. Productivity is no longer a “nice-to-have,” it is a fact of life for business survival. For the coach who has been practicing individual coaching for many years, this can present a number of challenges and dilemmas. And yet, to sustain a coaching practice in a fast changing economy only those coaches who are able to adapt their skillset will survive.” This course will address three challenges for coaches making the transition from individual to group coach.


Performance Improvement Coaching 2-day

The impact of coaching on performance is measurable. In this course participants will practice and experience both non-directive and directive coaching. Non-directive coaching is how the coachee finds his own solutions, through skillful questioning by the coach. However, where the coachee does not have the required knowledge or experience, a more directive style of coaching might work better. In the workplace environment, a blended approach of directive and non-directive coaching might prove to be the most effective. In this course participants will learn the steps to follow in coaching for improvement, including managing by plan and holding follow-ups.


Internal Coaching 2-days

Coaching can be done internally or externally to a company. Participants will learn the difference between internal and external coaches while understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each. Types of internal coaching engagements will be discussed, along with topics likely to be covered, trust and confidentiality, commitment, and physical environment. Participants are encouraged to bring actual successes and challenges for the purpose of conversation and practice. 

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