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Trust in a business can be a great boon or a bane. Misused trust has many consequences, from bad business to broken relationships.

Tips to build trust:

  1. Listen: the most important thing that you will learn is that listening to a person is much more rewarding than speaking. Allowing a person to open up and talk at length will give them the power to confide in you.  This will help the person be comfortable enough to talk and raise their opinions and wishes. It will lead to great ideas and information.

Listening will require you to give complete attention to a person and try to draw out the diamonds from underneath a person.

  1. Guide: everyone needs a goal or hope of achieving something in their life, giving people goals and hopes can make them perform better. Nobody likes to be in the same station their entire life, consistently building skills without stress will make people grow in a sustainable manner. Giving promotions and rewarding and promoting skills will help get people to push themselves and know that they have something to look forward to.

  2. Ask for help: Nothing is better than asking someone for help, it helps the person to know that someone requires their assistance. Most of the people find it rewarding when they help another person, it boosts their morale and helps them know that nobody can be perfect and it is okay asking for help. This tip will also help build comradeship between employees of different levels.

  3. Honesty: this is the most important quality in trust, most often employees are only given partial truths. These have the same role as lies, thus it will brood and finally collapse into breaking the trust. Thus, it is important to be honest about every business situation whether it is profit or loss. Even though it is a small chore, everything should be given the same importance as bigger deals and contracts.

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