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Handeling Difficult People

Course participants will learn how to control themselves when handling difficult people by exercising the self control techniques. They will be learning how to listen actively and maintain positive body language. The difficult situation can be smoothed by sincere apology and mutually agreed solution to solve the problem. The following model illustrates the full process.


Course Objectives

Develop a framework for identifying and analysing the causes and symptoms of conflict:

  • Develop the participants to handle difficult employees or customers.

  • Develop team work attitude and skills.

  • Learn the change levels and which level to take.

  • Learn different leadership styles to handle each difficult situation come up in the organisation.

  • Learn the managers role in the organisation to manage subordinates effectively.

  • Understand the business process and how to change it effectively to eliminate the causes of frustration and mistakes.


When, where what:

When: April 3-4, 2016

Where: Movenpick Hotel, Al-Bida'a, Kuwait

Length: 2 days from 8:00 - 1:00

What: Coffee break and Lunch inclouded

Fees: KD 150 


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