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The majority of the people associate leadership with the man who does the talking, take it the case of politicians, presidents or managers but the most important role in leadership is to listen. Emphasizing the importance of listening will help a company.


Listening to employees: the environment of an office depends upon the transparency between the employees. The new age industries have all taken apart the cabins and walls physically and metaphorically to understand the people behind the machines, who are responsible for the success. The leader should provide an environment in which the employees are safe to respond and voice their opinions on equal footing.


Listening to customers: many companies conduct surveys to know the quality of the product and it is very essential to do so. The changes that the customers require will become the next biggest thing in the market. The choices that they pick out or even the small suggestions should be listened to and valued because the convenience of the customer is the ticket to success.


Listening to oneself: Leaders are mostly the ones who have to stand alone always, thus acting on his/her instincts should always come first. The leader should never change his decision for other's sake but should take a decision that is rational and beneficial for everyone and that that does justice to his or her morale.

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