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A business is an exchange, an exchange of an asset or a potential for something equivalent in value. This definition may be different in the real world but the rare one percent who made it to the top used this definition. Equivalence is important in nature and in business, yet people presume that the easy way to move forward is by disturbing this cycle. Most businessmen try to render a service or a product that is not par to the money that a customer gives, which is an injustice and the profit earned through this will only result in the gradual decline of business.  This point is very important after the structure of the business is formed

When a business starts the businessmen and his crew is excited and ready to conquer the world in a single stride but soon as the business days become rather mundane, the adventure side of it weakens. This is a normal scenario but if the leader in the group is excited and sees a vision other don’t, the business will slowly start to flourish. Finding potential and asset is very important, the service or the product that we render should be from within.  A product should be made with knowledge that it will make someone’s life a little better and that makes you want to be in the power of giving a person that kind of happiness. Business without emotions is not successful as people relate emotions with products and services. iPhone from Apple is a smartphone that has a brand connected with it, there are many android phones that is easier and efficient to use but people buy it regardless as it is associated with an image that shows prominence and abundance. The logo of the brand helps in establishing the person in possession of the latest model a confidence and prominence, similar is the case of the luxury cars. In the end the trust of the people is on people, iPhone made it big because of Steve Jobs, the trust in him and trust is mutual. Business should be on stern ground and trust should come naturally, deep down the business should be a matter of finding the assets in you and the potential in others that will help you move forward in life.

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