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Business goal  setting

Goal setting is something everyone knows about but never tries to implement in their life or companies. Goals are the milestones that will help you achieve your objectives in a systematic way. 

'if there is a will there is a way", the 'way' in this phrase are your goals. Some people say that they do not know the way but only has the dream. These people have limited their mindset to be mediocre. Every question in the world has its answer hidden in the question itself.

So write the steps the company and the employees have to undergo to achieve that vision.

Specificity is most important in goal setting. each goal has to be clearly defined with the roles each employee has to do.

A clear list of goals helps the employee navigate through deadlines when he understands his role and its importance.

The coach should be at every step of the way to provide emotional and intellectual support for everyone in the company. Good communication is key in this process. 

The final point in goal settings is its flexibility, the goal should change according to the market and should not be redundant in nature. As the vision will always be the same, goals change with practice and the inference gained from the experiences.

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