The world is filled with leaders but it is hard to find efficient leaders. 

  • leaders are people whose perspective for a goal is clear and from an elevated stage. They are the ones who can see the full picture.

  • So a leader should only lead the things he has full vision of and not something he cannot envision.

  • It is easy to shout orders and command but to lead is different, knowing each and every one of your team and assigning them the right task is key to success. 

  • meanwhile the leader should not be left idle during the process make sure that he has something to contribute, otherwise s/he may be ignorant in the steps that lead up to the vision.

  • A leader is a better worker than his whole team as s/he knows the importance of reaching his/her goal.

  • Being compassionate to people that surrounds you should be visible in every duty. A helping hand will always be remembered.

  • Be a leader without prejudice, work together like honey bees. they are one soul united by the queen bee that works and succeeds together.

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