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Who needs coaching?


Everyone needs a coach especially when you are new to a firm or has trouble connecting to the firm you are working with. Executive coaching helps you to know your roles and the ethics of a company that you have to adhere to. connection with an employee and company should be excellent for the success and contentment of profit and the satisfaction fo people working in the company. 


Coaching is essential for new recruits: A new job can be both confusing and stressful to a person who is assigned to a new role. So in the first few months, they will struggle with direction, newly assigned tasks and adjusting to a new environment. Dealing with a new recruit is like dealing with a child, they are often blank slates, which can be filled with good seeds or bad attitudes. A coach will guide and help them settle and provide the steps through which they can be beneficial to the company and develop their own skills. 


The company will profit more by enhancing the skill set of current employees: Employees tend to leave a company when they are not satisfied emotionally and are not given proper mentoring to develop themselves. Everyone is working on a ladder, they all prefer to move upwards, id the employee feels like they are in a rut, they will leave the company for another one. So coaching is a continuous process that creates a circle of communication that will help the business be a progressive community.


A new change in the business strategy needs coaching: leaving a person behind is never good business. when the company changes, it has to transform the old employees to be compatible with the new change. Replacing people is not the solution but bettering the team every step of the way will build trust and a contented team

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