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Professional Coaching Essentials


You are invited to join our world-class instructors as they deliver the first bilingual Certified Professional Coach Program (CPCP) in the Middle East.

Coaching is a collaborative approach to professional and personal leadership, and consistently creates partnerships between leaders and employed.



Professional Coaching Essentials is a Five-days course designed to support you in learning, understanding, and practicing Coaching Principles and Skills. 


Course Objectives

The course offers a journey to skillful coaching through models such as the coaching conversation, designing the coaching alliance, SMART goals, and contracting with TOMS.  The skill of direct communication is introduced and participants will practice using the models and skills in simulated coaching sessions.


What you will Learn

Professional Coaching Essentials is level 1 in the Certified Professional Coach Program which will qualify you to join the Certification Basics program. 

  • Build a strong professional-client relationship based on trust, respect, and rapport

  • Understand different learning styles and models 

  • Coaching process and required skills and competencies

  • Practice active listening and powerful questioning.

Graduates of the program will have greater self-awareness,

confidence, and skills for coaching. 


Who should Attend?

  • Leaders, Executives, Managers, Consultants, Business Owners, HR Professionals as well as those considering integrating coaching into their work or starting on a career as a coach.


Entry Requirements
  • None

Upcoming Course Date in  2021 & 2022:​​​​


  • Sep. 5-9

  • Oct. 17-21

  • Nov.7-11

  • Dec.  5-9


  • Jan. 2-6

  • Feb. 6-10

  • March 6-10


Time: 8.00am – 2.00pm for Live training and 20 hours for virtual 



The program is accredited by International Coach



Course Faculty : 
  • Raja Al-Laho- Executive PCC, Mentor Coach & Supervisor 

Program Brochure
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