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                                                                RELATIONSHIPS IN BUSINESS


Contacts are very important in a business but the same can be confusing too. People confuse a lot of contacts with the rightful few. Entering a business is much easier with the relationship of the rightful few. Knowing the market is another term for it, if your heart and mind is in the business, knowing the right people will aid you to success.

Another aspect of having good contacts is the help and guidance another person can give you; knowledge is essential to be in business. What most of the people don’t realise is that the rightful people are always hidden in the casualness and ease of friendship, thus they might not look like a mentor but their words will determine your rate of success.

The best relationship that the businessmen should have is with the customers. The customer with complaints is our opportunity to be better and they tend to be the best strategists that pay money to us. Be better at the few relationships that can make our business better, give trust and mutual support.

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