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Work hard and be persistent


Keeping the ball rolling, is an expression we all hear. It has a connection with success. Starting something is very important and it requires a lot of hard work but the next important thing is keeping the ball rolling, or working again. this is the phase where ninety percent of the people fall back, mostly because they believe that their work had been done after the first phase. it is a completely normal phenomenon and it slowly takes your business down the pit. Thus it is very important to live what you are doing because to make something a success we will need a mindset to persevere or to go forward with your actions.


Perseverance is a skill that we often don't have, as we are not patient for success, we all need instant gratification. The needs for instant gratification and "happy endings" prompt us to be idle and wait for the magic to happen.  This fact may be hard to swallow, the world is a place where people who have worked efficently toward a dream will prosper.

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